Reviewed by Indieyah
on 29/10/2015 00:37

First, the positives. The discovery of the mystery is great, twisting it already into a really new and enjoyable experience, the action in the several chases are fun and over-the-top, while the tension-packed finale is just excellent and caps the film on a high note. Even the kills are great, where one is impaled through a spike-laden board, another is stabbed through the neck, some gunshots, and then the main one, which has one run over by a train. In the years up until Nonhosonno, Argento hadn't had much fun in a while, and while he went all-out throwback in that one, here he has his fun in more ingenious ways. Of course, the solitaire PC chicanery is ridiculous, the dubbing as awful as you'd expect. Flawed in the extreme, but it's good to have him back on (kinda) form.