Reviewed by ChristinaLearm
on 03/05/2016 05:34

A refreshing take on Black Mirror-esque subject satire, this short is very well conceived but falls ever so slightly repeating themes we've all heard before. The Boy with a Camera for a Face certainly captures the imagination and intrigues you throughout. It uses it's 14 minutes very well (although stretching to 15 minutes would have made for a satisfying allegory), and it seems to make no sacrifices in plot for it's short running time. The only nit-pick with the film would be the repetition of it's take on 21st century dystopia. Though original in it's style, it's interpretation doesn't challenge the audience in any innovative way. Perhaps being judged too harshly against an oversaturated market, this short does an extremely good job of standing out and entertaining the audience while trying to convey it's message.