Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 17/08/2016 11:54

I was genuinely engrossed just by watching the boxing matches and training bouts featured in this film.  Yet, aside from the sport of boxing this also tells a compelling story about a boxer who went through sacrifices, trials and great emotional pain.  Greatly impressed with  Sizwe Dlamini who plays the character of Phumlani.  He gave justice to the role by his great performance. I have seen him in the film "The Priest and the Thief", where he played the role of the mischievous and unrepentant robber and while he was good in it I was in awe with his portrayal of a boxer who seemed hopeless but proved to everyone that he can rise again and achieve his goals.  I see great promise in this actor and just proves to show that South Africa has great promise in terms of actors and film making.