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The Bloody Sword of the 99th Virgin

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The Bloody Sword of the 99th Virgin

Kyûjûkyû-honme no kimusume
  • Japan
  • 1959
  • 82 minutes
  • Horror
  • Drama

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The most controversial film ever produced by Shintoho, Magatani Morihei’s horror thriller Bloody Sword Of The 99th Virgin (Kyujukyu-honme no Kimusume) is set in the mountains of Iwate Prefecture - a remote area that might be described as the Ozarks of Japan. The mountain folk are depicted as superstitious, blood-thirsty primitives, which struck traditionally discriminated-against locals and others in their community as discriminatory. Probably as a result, the film has been seldom screened in Japan, and contrary to some speculation, it has never been officially banned.