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The Bird

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The Bird

  • France
  • 2012
  • 93 minutes SD
  • Drama

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Director Yves Caumon's elegant character study focuses on reclusive Anne (Sandrine Kiberlain), who lives alone in a tiny flat in Bordeaux, seemingly cut off from the rest of the world.

Withdrawn, aloof with her co-workers and estranged from her friends, Anne spends her evenings at the cinema or in her flat, apparently resigned to a solitary life. But with the arrival of an uninvited avian houseguest, Anne is forced to question her introverted existence and confront a profound grief that hangs over her.

Driven by Kiberlain's astonishingly committed, nuanced performance and a subtle filmmaking style that is at once exquisitely minimal and rich in emotion and ambiguity, THE BIRD moves towards a quietly devastating conclusion that is at deeply moving and resolutely optimistic. A must-see for fans of quality art-house cinema.