Reviewed by snakeeyes
on 23/11/2015 10:05

From suicidal emo (The Rage: Carrie 2) to brown-toothed gorgon (Spun) to zombie bitch-slapper (Day of the Dead), American Pie alumnus Mena Suvari is fast becoming one of contemporary cinema's trashiest nymphettes. In Stuck, Mena plays Brandi, an at first well-meaning nurse with a soft spot for E, who accidentally runs over a bum (in fact recently out of work Stephen Rea - another casting coup) but decides to hide him in her garage for fear of losing her job at the hospital. The plot is totally idiotic, with more holes than a cheese grater, but Mena's wide-eyed hamming and Rea's bloodied mugging are a joy to behold, with only Russell Hornsby, as Brandi's dealer boyfriend, turning in a performance worthy of far better material.