Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 25/10/2016 16:06

Watching this film will make you wonder and ponder about old age and how it would be if you are in the position of the lead character Marcel.  Old age can be very lonely and a depressing state to be in especially if you're away from family and don't have much to do day in and day out except hang around in the public pool or a local cafeteria.  No doubt, it's Michel Piccoli who reigns supreme in this film where it concerns acting portrayal.  He has that gentle manner,  very expressive eyes and calm nuances that makes him a stand out in every scene.  I noticed that there were scenes where dialogue is sparse, especially between Marcel and roommate Amar, who eventually left him and left France for good. Heart-wrenching film that gives a closer look on the struggles that one has during the twilight years of his life.  Worth checking out!