Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 18/10/2016 13:50

For a directorial debut this is an impressive film that  stars Trevor Wright as Zach and Brad Rowe as Shaun, the gay lovers.  However, unlike some of the gay films I've seen lately which showed a lot of nudity and sex this one focuses more on the relationship and the emotions of the characters.  Aside from the romance another issue being tackled here is Zach's inner desire to follow his dream of becoming an artist. I noticed that the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the L.A. Harbor figured prominently in this film and the artworks are impressive, which are said to be the works of L.A. artist Ryan Graeff.  Musical scoring was also commendable, with some original music featured in the soundtrack by Shane McAnally (Shane Mack) a Grammy award winning singer and songwriter. This movie caught the attention of viewers and critics alike and won various awards from filmfests like LA Outfest, Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, among others. Heartwarming and poignant movie that's worth the watch!