Reviewed by marygracedimala
on 28/06/2016 15:16

There are no crowds rushing in to scramble for a seat in this theater, instead people standing, hanging out, on the look out for lonely souls seeking refuge and release from the calls of their baser instincts. And ticket sales are dwindling as the dilapidation of the structure and the lives of the family who owns and lived in it swells to a level that can't be repaired. Many things are happening all at once, irreconcilable marriage, pregnancy, a blossoming affair, playtime for a young boy and a goat lost in the darkness of the theater. Brillante Mendoza weaves all these comings and goings in one roof, the dying business of independent cinema houses in the Philippines. His style of realism, honest and unapologetic stands out in this "almost reality show" like story.