Reviewed by jeteli
on 05/07/2016 16:17

This film naturally captures the essence of a normal Filipino family, complete with meddling and sometimes bickering in-laws.  The couple Jed and Angie, portrayed by real-life husband and wife Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos, face the perils, conflicts, joys and and struggles of a newlywed couple who's just starting to raise a family. While it centers on the couple's relationship the sub-plots are likewise engaging, especially in terms of the parents of both sides. Gina Pareno as Angie's mother is a stand-out here but merit should also be given to the rest of the cast like Gloria Diaz and Ariel Ureta as Jed's parents, Soliman Cruz as Angie's father and Dominic Ochoa, as their friend who accompanied them while in Barcelona, Spain. Enjoyed watching this for its funny scenes,  do check this out, folks.