Reviewed by sharonmae
on 04/10/2016 08:53

This is a movie that serves as eye-opener especially for those who are always looking for ways to still improve their physical endowments  to the point that it could do more harm than good.  In this film the viewers are given front seat view on the illegal cosmetic trade and collagen injections that are popular especially among women and transgenders especially those in the limelight. It follows the life of Dorina who is in the midst of all of this and viewers get to see the pros and cons of this illegal career that this transsexual woman has gotten involved with.  With only Jun Jun Quitana as the noticeable actor I've seen in this film, ( he is in mainstream TV shows), the lead star Mimi Juareza, an indie star packs a strong and commendable performance, too,  in this tale about being beautiful that comes with a price and human relationships. A film by  Eduardo Roy Jr.that commands attention. This is a must-watch!