Reviewed by lenidecastro
on 26/04/2016 16:29

Mizuguchi is one of the best Japanese directors and classic novelists there is.  Great videography, and I had such a satisfying experience watching. I love how the story was told. This is about the blue-blooded lady Madame Yuki who is continuously being mistreated, humiliated and degraded by her husband. Her husband has a mistress in Kyoto and is a gambler. But her strong attraction to the husband keeps her attached to the marriage even when a Professor whom she toys with shows a lot of promise and gentleness. But she seeks the degradation it seems which is why she doesn’t leave her husband for a better life.The plot is subtle and not immediately deciphered. The possessive husband seems to resort to maltreating the wife who makes him feel small. The message is one that applies to a lot of people…the booze and blatant sex, the suicidal thoughts, and the extraordinarily beautiful land that is their setting makes for a perfect setup for this beautiful film.