Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 18/10/2016 07:47

This movie is one riot of fun! Heartwarming in a hilarious way and the characters are endearing, especially the gay ghosts.  The film follows a couple, Marc and Emma who just moved in to a grand old house which it turned out  is inhabited by 5 gay ghosts who initially cause havoc especially since it's only Marc who can see and hear them. Conflict piles up with Emma leaving Marc alone in the haunted mansion. There are countless hilarious scenes that will crack you up and I am genuinely surprised to discover that there's no crass and toilet humor anywhere in the film.  Clovis Cornillac as Marc was so outstanding and his interactions with the 5 gay ghosts is heartwarming. While initially he was mad at them it eventually evolved into genuine friendship as the gay ghosts helped him to gain back his normal life and win back his wife Emma.  Outrageously funny and with solid and impressive performances! This is highly recommended for  your weekend movie marathon!