Reviewed by sharonmae
on 13/04/2016 16:03

I would have to say this is a disturbing  but very enlightening film.  Well-presented plot and  viewers are left guessing  what are the ulterior motives of this young woman who barges in uninvited to a typical family's home.  At first you will hate her and even abhor her for her ill-mannered demeanor especially towards the pregnant wife.  But once  the reasons are revealed there is a complete transformation on the part of the viewers. While before you will hate her this time you will pity her and feel sorry for her.  The scenario  may be fictitious but it can be assumed that things like this  happen in the present society, which is a very unforgivable act.  The trauma it has caused to the woman led to adverse effects on her behavior and psyche and led her to seek revenge ultimately.   Well-crafted story,  commendable acting and with  impressive film scoring.   Watching this film will jolt you to your senses!