Reviewed by amazingsquirrel
on 11/07/2016 20:55

Quite glad that I watched that film after initial reservations that it would be "too German" and just another attempt to portrait the typical drunk beer belly tourists invading and exploiting Thailand. The open-minded German 18-year old boy and his mother (cheating with a diving instructor while in Thailand) turn out to be less stereotypical than expected, creating a rift in the family of four, who initially was just after an orderly Christmas vacation. With the German boy dumping his German girlfriend over the phone to stay longer with the "Patong Girl", and without any judging and an open but carefully optimistic positive ending by the film's writer Susanna Salonen there might finally be some hope for Germany, which makes the film watchable without regrets. Recommended to watch for everyone who wants to go beyond the usual docu-drama type coverage of bar girls and beach resorts.