Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 23/09/2016 15:47

This movie is quite unconventionally funny but with a very important message within.  The central characters in this film are Denny and Frank although the title is attributed to the latter. Viewers may not literally laugh out loud in the hilarious scenes but they're nonetheless funny in a queer way.  Tom Lass as Denny is a guy who never seems to have grown up literally for his selfish ways, always with different women, mostly for sex rather than genuine love and affection.  Guess this twisted way he maneuvers his life is in some way because of unresolved conflicts,  especially because he's not in good terms with his own mother.  On the other hand, Peter Trabner as Frank was commendable and he can be really funny at the same time he can be really serious if a scene calls for it.  Engrossing and comedic in a weird way!