Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 13/10/2016 15:18

Bankable actress Alessandra de Rossi was extraordinary in this movie as the young woman Punay  who's suffering from enormous wounds on her body. And as her brother seeks help from healers to free her from this illness a number of characters become inolved, including a  woman looking for her husband, an artist trying to trace his roots and a father who lost his son to the sea and their land to landgrabbers. It's a visually enigmatic movie that tackles the local maladies including land disputes, the rape of nature and other social issues.  In fact, I think the wounds of Punay itself represent the gangrenous wounds of the people of the land,  deeply rooted,  with nary a treatment at hand and with hope of recovery dimming by the minute.  A very intense, visually hypnotic and compelling film by Director Auraeus Solito.