Reviewed by OrangeFellow
on 29/07/2014 12:50

The dull black and white aesthetic of Nebraska is one of the most suiting in recent memory. This shows the absolute desolation that comes with old age. Some people handle it gracefully - and others, sadly, don't. Instead they lose themselves in the miasma of age, as the wit dulls and the memories fade.\r\n\r\nThe film follows an elderly man who has clearly fallen for a scam as he heads away from home with his son to collect his "winnings". Along the way, they run into old friends and family members now all too eager to take advantage of this recent bout of fortune.\r\n\r\nAt one point in the film, when asked about a previous, passionate love, our lead simply says "I don't remember". A defining, happy relationship that could have completely altered his life, and he doesn't remember. Nebraska at times can be genuinely heart-warming, and at others, profoundly nihilistic.