Reviewed by sharonmae
on 24/06/2016 06:39

This film is a combination of heartwarming drama and comedy! Famous Pinay singer Sarah Geronimo gets to test her acting skills in this movie opposite multi-awarded actor Coco Martin (lead actor of Masseur, Serbis, Kinatay, etc.) and surprisingly she holds off well. Geronimo has also been making a name for herself via countless rom-coms. The Geronimo and Martin tandem seems to have on-screen chemistry which I think is one of this film's great strength.  Story is kinda cliche; former lovers meets again and have feelings but a second chance is impossible because boy already has a new girl, that's about it. But viewers will find themselves drawn to the film because of laudable acting portrayals, the rapport and a solid support cast that helped spice up the scenes.  Get a feel of summer and immerse in scenic seascapes while viewing this film, too!