Reviewed by darialandal
on 31/07/2014 13:02

I regard "Marnie" as the last Hitchcock's classic, a fascinating study of female sexuality, deceptiveness and ultimately, terrible mental trauma.\r\n\r\nMarnie (Tippi Hendren) is a serial thief with a scheme that works like a clockwork: she gets secretarial jobs in random companies, works there for several months and then robs them, leaving the town. Her scheme is twarted when a handsome owner of her latest company, Mr Mark Rutland (Sean Connery), catches her and makes Marnie marry him. Mark sets out to explore Marnie's past, hoping to free her from her inner demons.\r\n\r\nAlthough not without its faults (obviously fake backgrounds and horse-riding scenes, very slow-paced editing at times), the story itself, the acting and the directing are as Hitchcockian as it gets. Glamour, odd humour and a brilliant climax are guaranteed.\r\n