Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 17/08/2016 13:30

Engaging film about friendship, setting goals to study at the university, team work and most especially about volleyball sport. I just have one concern though, because while Lola may be one of the leads, the story somehow not only revolves around her but on the entire group and their goals as well.  I was thinking maybe the title would've been more encompassing.  Nevertheless,  volleyball as the central sport here was executed well by both groups and the opposing group was eventually swayed to the side of Lola's group.  While they may be arch-enemies on the court, somehow the two groups forged a friendship which is a positive note for a film's conclusion.  I noticed that the camera can be so restless, countless zoom in and zoom out shots as well as panning shots, although it's forgivable enough especially during the volleyball matches. The acting portrayals are generally okay and the guy who played the role of Billy was a stand-out with his naughty antics. Do check this out!