Les Parisiens
Le Genre humain, 1re partie : Les Parisiens
France (FR), 2004, 120 minutes
Les Parisiens Synopsis

Let’s imagine a spy satellite floating above the Earth, zooming in on a sample group of individuals (and, just like a drop of water can sum up an ocean, Paris could symbolize the world) who represent all the foibles of human beings. We have a ruined banker, a homeless person for whom the end is preferable to hunger, the manager of a brasserie, “Gare du Nord,” looking for adventure, a police captain madly in love with his colleague’s wife, a film director trying to find a subject, a jewelry seller (who, is in fact, a gold-digger), a fake cab driver but a real crook, an impresario who is as charming as he is Machiavellian, a shady real estate agent, a mad cow that’s wandered on to the high-speed train tracks, a prostitute as honest as she is maternal, an underground restaurant not listed in any guide, a Christ crucified in front of the Sacré Coeur, and opera-loving and swinger politicians. In short, an entire inventory in the Prévert style, a whole sample of men and women who all dream of being on the same level of what we could call a Richter love scale. But the truth is, we are rarely all on the same level.

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