Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 19/08/2016 16:29

I got fairly bored during the first few scenes of this movie, it was just non-stop bantering and senseless dialogue between Sizwe's father and friend. On the other hand, I felt pity for Sizwe because it's no way to treat a young lad and a son. His dismal situation is so pitiful and it looks like he's treated not as a person but a stray dog. The saving grace for this film was the friendship of Sizwe and Mandla as it seems to give viewers hope that something good will ultimately happen to Sizwe. I'm glad the film had a happy ending and the two men were eventually punished for their bad deeds. The actor who portrayed Sizwe was commendable, I liked that scene where he discovers a shower head and then proceeds to open his mouth to catch the droplets of water. He was so genuinely amused and for me it's one of those charming scenes in this film. The actor who portrayed the role of Mandla was also impressive and he was expressive and acted naturally.