Reviewed by dianamafnas
on 01/08/2016 12:02

Wonderful! I imagine many marriages were affected in this way. Whenever my father returned home from oversea, I would raid his "sea bag"/duffle bag, in search of any pocket books with even the slightest hint of lesbian characters! :-) The only time he was filled with rage, amnd holding a kitchen chair above his head, ready to strike, he yelled, "I didn't raise you to be gay!!" I thought of those books. They were my introduction to lesbian "literature". Aside from "The Well of Loneliness", written by Radclyffe Hall, which the female librarian on the neighborhood bookmobile, checked-out for me on Her library card!!! :-) I was only twelve :-). I enjoyed this short film and watch it many more times. It would be fantastic to have an "In Their Absence", Part 2.