Reviewed by MaeMaeDecena
on 11/03/2016 07:02

SPOILER! Christopher, you confuse me. In this colorful and visually rich short film, I do not know on what part of the plot to focus.Tragedy. Romance. Confusion. Death. It made me feel a melange of emotions -  romantically frustrated yet relieved; confused yet unambiguous. The death of Johnny was horrible which made me feel worst when Christopher did not notice that his friend just died. The obvious rejection of Christopher from Stacey gave me feeling of relief simply because she was not for him. Mike comforting Christopher, was just perplexing amidst the chaotic death of Johnny. And of course the LEMON KID, we was too concerned in getting his 25 cents. I think this sums up a kids life - apathetic and dreadfully romantic.