Reviewed by sharonmae
on 27/05/2016 12:57

Heartwarming and poignant! This film's strength lies not only in its interesting plot but in the impressive performance of  its actors most notably Apinya S. who won Best Actress for this film. Regardless of the morbid situation, with close-up shots of the dead mother, this film is not much about death as it is about family and sibling relations.  Pann and Pinn,  long estranged from each other and their mother,  come together and rediscover themselves and their childhood during the trip back home as they embark on a trip to bring their mother's remains to Padang Besar. Impressive cinematography ( the film also won Best in Cinematography from the Thailand National Film Association) with Director T. Chantarangkul making good use of reflective  surfaces to capture the actors' moods and nuances.  The pace is slow but this allows viewers to appreciate the film more. Highly recommended!!