Reviewed by Janney
on 01/07/2015 13:37

With a title from the Bangkok slang for ‘high society,’ Aditya Assarat’s ponderous portraiture revolves around a Thai actor (heartthrob Ananda Everingham) and his various relationship traumas. Not quite Apichatpong Weerasethakul, whose presence somehow for me I kept sensing, Hi-So's subtle and languorous style isn't fascinating but nicely weaves together some touching moments. Unlike other artsy Thai films in this dreamy genre that tell stories from a more waxy-leafed, nature-ensconced setting, it's refreshing to be enveloped in a story that comes from the buzzing streets of Bangkok, far from the throb of Khao San Road, yet pulsating with something much more organic and altogether Thai at the same time.