Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 05/07/2016 15:30

Heartwarming, quirky and will make you quite giggly. I actually thought the story was cliche but the film turned out as engaging and with commendable acting portrayals.  Suwanmethanon as Yoon is the film's great asset for his natural acting performance. This Best Actor awardee of the Thailand National Film Association Award also has great chemistry with another lead character, Dr. Imm portrayed b y Davika Hoorne, known for her role in Pee Mak. Hoorne was also laudable for giving justice to her role. Wautier, a talented actress- singer, as Yoon's co-worker and friend is also a stand-out. This film will keep you guessing if Yoon and Dr. Imm really do have feelings other than the patient-doctor relationship,  so don't fail to watch this if you haven't checked it out yet.