Reviewed by amyfaulkner
on 07/08/2015 15:30

Scottness L Smith has brought us Step Up, South Africa. His first feature length dance film is bursting with so much energy, it explodes on screen. With elements of hip-hop blended in, for the very first time on the big screen we get to see these traditional South African dance styles, sbujwa and pantsula, which involve lots of tricky movements with the legs. Paul Modjadji's choreography is an absolute joy. Protagonist Muzi (Nyaniso Dzedaze) is such a likeable character that the film never tires as it revolves around his every move. Despite the aspect of knife violence in the film which reminds us of the darker, more troubled elements that still plague south African society, this film is the epitome of feel-good. complete with a winning romance and befriending of the antagonist at the end.