Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 07/10/2016 08:54

I find this a very truthful and in-depth account of a family with schizophrenic members.  Viewers can observe how the son and daughter struggle with the illness and how they experience hallucinations which, according to the mother, when it happens, is a sign that they are worsening. The auditory hallucinations experienced by the daughter Huixin means that she has to be given medical treatment for a lifetime while the son Huixan on the other hand, is always sent to the hospital but also escapes countless times.  What is heartbreaking in this film would be the sincere feelings of the mother when she expressed that she is losing hope and is completely rundown especially since she's alone in looking over his ill children. In the latter part of the film she said that it's useless for Director Wuna to stop filming because for her, the only ones who can really understand are the very people within the family of these afflicted men and women. Eye-opening and realistic!