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Hannah & the Hasbian

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Hannah & the Hasbian

  • Australia
  • 2011
  • 80 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Comedy

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If your girlfriend decides she’s suddenly totally hetero, do you have to give a straight guy a toaster? A romance crossed with a buddy movie, Aussie Gordon Napier’s first feature film opens as, nonchalantly over a bowl of cereal, reserved Hannah finds out that the love of her life just into the whole girl thing anymore—herself included.

Now, Breigh is embracing life as a hasbian, and is ready to date men—let’s say, tonight. Foul-mouthed roomie Dinka is immediately thrilled at the prospect of a wingman for her nightly search for Mr. Right Now, and seemingly overnight Hannah is the odd man out. But Breigh may not so easily be able to untangle herself from persistent Hannah, who is unwilling to believe that a gold star lesbian is now 100% set on a life of hot man on woman action, just because reading Twilight made her more Team Jacob than Team Bella. With flashbacks to the not so distant past when the two leads were falling in love, it’s hard to tell where the girls will land, but the getting there is a roller coaster of hilarity.