Reviewed by amyfaulkner
on 13/07/2015 21:53

Hadewijch is a gorgeous short French film which exports us to the pastoral Antwerp where we meet Cécile in a convent to the streets of Paris replete with exquisite views and scenery. However, Dumont (director) is known for his rather ambiguous and startling subject matter and Hadewijch is no exception. The story explores Cécile’s journey with faith but also her propensity towards extremism. A former nun, she has been expelled from the convent for her unhealthy and intense devotion to her faith. The subject of extremism is complete with the clandestine meetings of a fundamentalist muslim sect whom Cécile comes into contact with. Not only do we become very close to these characters, we share the struggles they are battling with. It is a film which analyses human behaviour but also presents a rather unsettling image of the domination of faith and the difficulty for the love for another to find a place in the emotional disorder. The film is rather slow-paced but often has a lovely still quality. \r\n