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Ghost Cat of Nabeshima

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Ghost Cat of Nabeshima

Nabeshima kaibyou den
  • Japan
  • 1949
  • 83 minutes
  • Mystery
  • Horror

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Tanuma Kandayuu is a high class samurai of the house of Nabeshima. He finds a lavish board of Go (a sort of Japanese board game like chess or checker) at Kinbei's store. He recommend Kinbei to offer it to his lord. Kinbei hesitates at first, since he knows the board has some weird history. It is beleived that one game played on the board requires one death. Finally Kinbei agrees. Lord Nabeshima likes the borad, and commands Matashichirou to play the game. Matashichirou is famous for being good at Go. But they didn't know that Matashichirou's father once had a serious trouble with his friend when they played Go on the board.