Reviewed by montybrando
on 18/05/2015 12:08

A thought provoking and timely film overall that doesn't quote reach its full potential. Based on the real life case of Oscar Grant who was killed by police in a train station on New Years Eve. Though released back in 2008, its subject matter is unfortunately just as relevant in today's climate. The good news is that the film is held up by a compelling story and strong performances. The bad news is that the narrative doesnt particularly weave a very nuanced portrayal of Oscar Grant. His death was senseless and unforgivable, we know that, but it would have made for a more compelling watch if we weren't just served scene after scene relentlessly reinforcing an almost angelic portrayal of Oscar Grant. Because of this it leans at times too close to overly sentimental. However, for the most part the tension is still high and the last 30 minutes are suitably unbearable. Recommended nonetheless.