Reviewed by sharonmae
on 30/09/2016 10:05

Heartwarming, feel-good movie with stellar acting performances!  Viewers will easily warm up to this film as it tackles issues like youth, young love, weight problems and even parental issues, among others.  The lead star Filemon has a weight problem, made worse because his doting grandma wants him to eat, for him to be "healthy". He also has another concern, winning the heart of his ladylove. Ignacio is surprisingly not a mainstream star but his acting portrayal was impressive. A very strong cast support is in place, starting with the grandma who's played by Nanette Inventor, veteran actress and comedienne. Mainstream stars like Smokey Manaloto, Giselle Sanchez and young stars like Miles Ocampo who plays Filemon's love interest complete the stellar cast of this hilarious movie that  conveys the message of loving others and of oneself as well as the importance of partaking healthy food. Worth checking out!