Reviewed by ClementineB
on 14/08/2015 17:19

The line between normality and craziness can be proven to be really thin and Fear Of Falling is no exception. When Tomek reconnects with his father, just out of a psychiatric hospital, the situation around who is mentally ill and who is not seems pretty clear... Until it gets blurry. Bartosz Konopka's debut feature (he previously directed short films and documentary) remains close to his first love, with a abrupt and cold setting across Polish countryside and urban area. Both actors (Marcin Dorocinski and Krysztof Stroinski) deliver powerful performances and achieve to establish a tensed father-son relationship. The audience is left to wonder if mental illness only runs in the family, if getting acquianted with his estranged father swith something on his mind and if the events will have an impact on his fatherhood. At the end of the film, there is a chance that you will start questioning your own father and state of mind. Fear of Falling is a dark and insightful film worth discovering if not already.