Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 22/08/2016 17:16

The characters in this film are unique. Pete, the lead character, is the innocent man who gets embroiled in an assassination plot when he became courier for the bomb. Andrew, the detective will strike viewers as someone with bad manners but provides comedic relief with his toothless smile. Chief, the superior of Andrew has a composed demeanor but the actor who played the part was not very effective in giving justice to the role.  The actor who portrayed the character of Pete was a stand-out  for his natural  acting performance. From the looks of it, these actors are regulars in South African films I've seen earlier and I presume they must be popular actors in the said country during the '80s. Of the characters, I commend Pete because he had the instincts and he was smart enough to analyze the actions of Andrew. Compared to other lead actors of  African films I've seen lately, Pete embodies an impressive personality that makes this character a cut above the rest.