Reviewed by sharonmae
on 17/03/2016 14:16

The film appears to drag at first and one starts to become distracted but  when conversations between grandson and grandfather started  I became attentive.  The dialogues are quite  comical and the boy is inquisitive with his questions.  His dilemma of not passing stool for a month  worries him though. The boy shows attachment to his sister who goes home only rarely.  One quite comical  scene for me was when the boy ran and ran, hoping to catch up with his sister who's leaving again.  He was furious as she didn't fulfil her promise to accompany him in seeing the tiger cub but on the contrary it also solved his dilemma.  Maybe it had to do with the  running.  Acting was okay, the boy  had his  moments and over-all the film shows  typical family relationships.