Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 07/10/2016 14:44

This gay-themed film by young director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan explores a teen gay love story between Paul (Bradley Cross) and George (Joe Gosling) who both meet in a campsite one summer in the late '80s. Paul is mild-mannered and has a nosy mother who doesn't seem to see that he's all grown up and not  a kid anymore. Definitely, that kind of mother who has a watchful eye and very domineering. George is the athletic-type Londoner who breaks the law as he indulges in shoplifting. Paul and George strike an unlikely friendship and ultimately became lovers, plotting a plan to go away together the next summer to Australia. While the film hints at the ability or inability of a person to keep his word/promise, it nevertheless explores the relationship between Paul and George and of the mother-son relationship of Paul and Denise (played by Janet Bamford).  Melodramatic at times, this film seems to start off well but has the tendency for over-the-top gestures and acting and this could be due to the fact that this film is based on a play written by its director. Engrossing to watch!