Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 07/10/2016 14:17

The opposite personalities of the two lead characters, Paul and George, make for a very interesting study.  These two mid-teens who meet in the summer of '88  in a campsite in Wales, despite the contrasts in personalities, became good friends and ultimately as lovers. Bradley Cross as Paul was very affecting, meek and timid, all the while being hounded by the shadow of his domineering mother Denise ( Janet Bamford). On the other hand, Joe Gosling as George, while brash and a little wayward has his great acting moments in this film.  This film is based on Eyre-Morgan's play and with a rather raw edge it catches the attention of viewers for the commendable performances.  Emily Spowage as Angharad, the friend of Paul is also impressive and acts naturally in this film.  Worth checking out!