Reviewed by jeteli
on 11/08/2016 14:19

Always a delight to see Hongkong martial artists kick and fly through the air and this film is no exception. It delivers with its well-choreographed fight sequences made more exciting with some CGI help. Donnie Yen is always relentless and passionate where it concerns martial arts and he is a legend in his own right. Aside from Yen, it's hard not to notice the great talent of Nicholas Tse who plays Tiger Wong in this film. His flawless stunts and expressive facial features worked to his advantage. I learned that Tse is also a musician, singer and songwriter and with this he reminds me of Jackie Chan. I wonder what is it with music and martial arts, they always seem to mix well!  For some high-flying kung fu and martial arts stunts, don't fail to watch this!