Reviewed by sharonmae
on 17/03/2016 12:32

What I noticed  early on in this film was the extraordinary bond of the two siblings.  However,  while  we can see their bond and connectivity the viewers also feel their overflowing grief and loneliness for their other dead sibling.  There are many somber scenes in the film and the introduction of another person into their lives  gave both a glimmer  of hope,  in achieving their quest to become  three persons again, and in the process become whole again .  The last scene of the sister standing on the beach,  approached by her brother then the shot  revealing her  pregnant state gives an  enlightenment  to the questions forming in the viewers'  minds.  Both of them look happy,  contented and  complete.   Great cinematography  and the way the shots were utilized to add emphasis to the scenes  all  contribute to the over-all tone of this film.   This is a film worth checking out.