Reviewed by jeteli
on 20/07/2016 14:51

Very intriguing film with intriguing characters like Jean-Francois a.k.a. Moustache and his shy daughter Julyvonne.  By choice he isolates his daughter from the rest of the community and while I see his character as reserved, shy and inwardly good he is in a way a bully of a father who dictates his daughter on what should and shouldn't be done. Funny though, that while this may be the case, father and daughter doesn't seem to be really fond of each one, no strong bond but more of an animated feeling between them. For typical youth of today,  Julyvonne's case would surely mean rebellion and indifference, but judging from her demeanor she seems somehow resigned to the life she's currently in.  This film will intrigue and challenge viewers to read between the lines, and the cold bleary weather of Quebec Canada complements the over-all aura of the characters.