Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 20/09/2016 13:06

Viewers have all too often encountered the plot and main idea of this film, that of corruption all molded together to bunch up one great crime action drama but still, watching this, will engross you no end. For one, there is a very admirable cast of characters. Tony Kgoroge as Sizwe Miya is commendable and puts on a passionate performance, while Deon Lotz as police chief Venske was cunning. Lotz is well-remembered for his award-winning  role in the film "Beauty". Chinese actress Nan Yu is also in this movie as a shipping executive and she's a bankable Chinese star who made it to mainstream US films like The Expendables 2. Another character worthy of mention would be the character of Camilla, played by Zolani Mahola, who is interestingly also a singer aside from being an actress.  These characters  make the film interesting enough. This is director Carey McKenzie's first fiction feature film and she also wrote the film's screenplay, a filmmaker to watch out for.