Reviewed by blacksnakemoan
on 25/08/2014 07:51

One of the best films of 2014 strangely has divided opinion (!) I am firmly in the five star camp - this is no Marmite. At times teetering on delicious camp, Sils Maria is a true thespian bonfire of pretension, yet is also a film that is far too knowingly high-minded to 'poke' fun at itself. Kristen Stewart gives a career best performance, while Binoche and Moretz look like they're all too happy to be along for the ride. As beautiful and wispily translucent as the Swiss clouds of its title, it comes dangerously close to being about just that: beauty with no substance, but Assayas reigns it in when things come perilously close. The final chapter is a calm detente after the electric sparring that precedes it, and initially disappointed, however upon reflection it is the perfect antidote.