Reviewed by rrrrrrumplestilskin
on 12/07/2016 07:46

Adam Sandler stars as Michael Newman who is too busy with work to enjoy time with his wife and kids and wants to impress his ungrateful boss. He meets Morty who gives him a magical remote that allows him to skip all the interferences in his life. The plot is a little out there and dumb but somehow Sandler again pulls it off. With a great cast and many laugh out loud moments they turn this dumb story into somehow a great comedy. As an avid Adam Sandler fan I once again found myself laughing hysterically at again one of his movies. I was once again entertained at one of his crazy and zany movies. The story is way crazy but you forget about how dumb it is as you are laughing your butt off the whole way through it. Yes, Adam Sandler does it yet again.