Reviewed by sharonmae
on 03/10/2016 06:14

This movie revolves around Lea (Glaiza de Castro), a mother with two kids who decided to try her luck as OFW in Hongkong due to financial constraints. The husband Rodel (Gerald Madrid) unfortunately squanders her earnings and haven't saved a penny for the kids' future. Lea along with co-worker Chedeng (Tess Bomb) unknowingly became drug mules, enticed by the additional and juicy earnings.  Technically the viewers can notice glitches but what's lacking in that department was made up for because of the glowing portrayals of de Castro and Madrid as the lead characters.  Comedienne Tess Bomb provides comic relief and in a nutshell this movie aims to portray the struggles and conflict that go with having a family member who's an OFW.  Worth checking out!