Reviewed by AttilatheHan
on 14/07/2015 17:44

If you are looking for date night material, look away now. . .\r\n\r\nA group of filmmakers arrive in the Amazon rainforest to shoot a documentary on the indigenous tribes. Their anthropological quest quickly takes a hideous turn, however, descending into a succession of incredibly violent acts of cruelty upon the people and wildlife which they encounter. \r\n\r\nCannibal Holocaust thoroughly lives up to the notoriety that still surrounds it today -thirty-five years since its release. Having said that, the film is nonetheless memorable as an extraordinary piece of social realism about group behaviour or as a commentary on the savagery of European colonialism. \r\n\r\nTo put it plainly: Cannibal Holocaust strongly merits a viewing - but you cannot “unwatch” this film which retains its power to shock and disgust. \r\n