Reviewed by sharonmae
on 13/09/2016 02:44

This entry to the local filmfest last year mixes horror and comedy genres so seamlessly.  The plot, though quite cliche, with the main idea that of making a bargain with the Devil in exchange for fame, attention and physical beauty, among others. These are things that people tend to give much regard to, to a point that they will do anything to acquire. This may be reminiscent of Friday the 13th episodes with a local flavor but it sure has some very scary scenes to boot. It also has visually appealing elements such as the shop of the devilish salesman Santi.  Acting portrayals highly commendable especially that of  John Lapuz who plays the role of Pippa, a gay who desires to be loved by men. Vhong Navarro, popular local comedian is also in this film and he plays the character of Odie, a photojournalist. Engrossing to watch!