Reviewed by jeteli
on 12/10/2016 13:09

Very unique approach where it concerns tackling issues like extra-marital affairs and I'd have to say it's a very unique story over-all.  Director Vernoux poignantly brings us into a journey of a woman in her '50s who seems bored and listless yet finds new meaning and color when she meets a much younger man. Viewers could sense the romance but considering the complexities we were right when it ended nowhere but on thin air.  What makes the story more engrossing were its characters most especially Caroline (Fanny Ardant). Ardant effectively breathed life into the role of Caroline,  I'd have to say she's a great fit for the character as she exudes class, wit and charm but also a certain clumsiness and insensitivity, to say the least.  Viewers will definitely side with Caroline's husband Philippe (Patrick Chesnais)  but at the same time can't help but swoon during the romantic scenes of Caroline and Julien (Laurent Lafitte).  Very commendable performances and that scene, where  Philippe simply but firmly told Caroline that he knows of the affair was tastefully and uniquely done.  Hats off to Director Vernoux for such an extraordinary screenplay.  Do check this out!